Book Review! Generation Dead.

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February 17, has the year progressed this far already? It seems like just yesterday (sorry for that overused simile) we were making resolutions for the new year. One of mine being this blog, and I am proud to say and surprised to say that I had 8 viewers of my “Promise” post. Not too shabby if you ask me, although I would have been happy if one person even glanced at my blog. So either way thanks for making me smile, it means a lot to me. Well the other resolution that I made with one of my friends was to read 100 books this year. I more of stole that from my friend fearing that my resolution was, odd at the least. Anyway this will be my first book review.

So for my first book review have chosen the book I finished reading only a few days ago. “Generation Dead” by Daniel Waters. It is a young adult book. Upon picking up the book I would have never thought I would be so engrossed. The first time picked up the book decided not to get it. Truthfully I wasn’t that interested. I had originally though it was just another teen romance vampire fiction kind of book since that’s all that’s out there right now. However it wasn’t until I read the back cover to discover that I had been wrong, dead wrong that is (haha it’s a pun! You will get it soon enough.)

Generation dead is a book about zombies but not in the traditionally means. Teens who died were being resurrected. However all bodily functions ceased to work except for their brains which is how they were living, or semi living.

The book follows three people from the third person point of view. Phoebe, the goth girl, Adam, the football giant who is in love with Phoebe secretly, and Pete, the hard-headed stubborn kid who has problems running deeper than anyone knows. While most of the book takes place in Phoebe and Adams perspective while still remaining in the thrid person, you are let on a little insight to Pete’s true emotions and what is truly driving him throughout the book. I didn’t like Pete very much, every time I would his chapters I would frown but understand why it was relevant.

Phoebe, who we seem to always follow, has fallen for new “living impaired” (Zombie) boy, Tommy Williams. Throughout the book Phoebe battles both the living and the dead over her being friends with Tommy…or maybe more. She is unsure of her feelings for Tommy throughout most of the book but it is clear at the end. (Not saying anything!)

It truly is a must read. I almost cried at the end because of how Water’s ended it. The ending was very sudden if you ask me and I was left feeling shocked because the climax is literally at the last page. There was no time for it to set in as the climax took its nose dive downward, I think that’s what bothered me most about the book. I was left asking questions and wanting more, which is good with books. However at the end I was so into the climax that when the book ended, I was turning the pages going “No, no way there has to be more!”. There was more but it was only an excerpt from the follow-up book “Kiss of Life”.

Either way, with the ending being what it was, I was still blown away at the dept of the story and the impact it had on me. The book can very much be related to everyday problems and difficulty. I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to take a chance on something different from vampires. I being obsessed with zombies after that book, was satisfied. However I am more obsessed with one of the main characters, Adam who has placed number 2 on my “Men I Wish Were Real/Male Book Characters I Love” list. Way to go Adam!!! He’s only second because Patch is currently 1st from Becca Fitzpatrick’s novel “Hush, Hush” which I will be review later on in one of my posts. But for now I’m signing off and saying thank you for reading, there will be more tomorrow.
With love,

P.S. This book made me want all the Zombie T-Shirts they were talking about! Anyone who has read the book will know what I’m talking about. For now all I’ll say is “Some of my best friends are Zombies” but my personally favorite was “Got Zombies” it makes me laugh every time!
Oh and if you could, tell me any errors I’ve made in this post. I’m terribly tired and the spellcheck doesn’t catch everything. Thanks a lot to everyone, I mean it. With love, Ciao.


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I have come to realize that I haven’t written here in quite some time. I also realize that part of the reason that I have not written is due to my fear and inability to be patient with matters such as these. In truth I wanted instant gratification which in this world is unacceptable.
Like all things that I begin, I begin with resenting it. When I began my journal (diary) five years ago, I would have never believed how dependant I have grown upon it. Writing is truly my world, my everything I don’t know what I’d do without it. Which is why I have decided to give this blog another shot, with more of a human feel to it. Before I only posted my writings, I have decided to change a few things. I will be doing book reviews, maybe even movie reviews I’m not entirely sure yet and you know what? I think that’s what makes it so wonderful, not knowing what I will do next. I tend to be a spontanious planner (if that makes any sense).
To tell you the truth, I think part of the reason that I stopped writing was because I was scared. I began to think “What’s the point, no ones reading?”. I gave up. I gave in. I’m sorry that I did. And part of me still hopes that there is someone out there reading this. I would like to believe that someone is actually interested in what I say. I would like to believe that when I’m through typing this someone will read it, and maybe even smile. I would like to believe that I can make a difference through this small blog, even if that difference may be small. Revelations happen to me a lot and it would make me smile and sleep a little better to know that I help someone realize something the way others help me.
Now I know it seems a little odd but I would like to thank anyone who actually took the time to read this. I am long-winded, at least when I write. Not many people thank the readers of their blogs or whatever it may be, so I’m making it a habit of mine to always thank my readers. If there be any. Also for those of you who are out there, don’t fear there will be more. I promise, this time will be different. Today starts a new beginning, the door has reopened and the possibilities are staring at me. Please come back for more, I promise you there will be.
With love,

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With Fear

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It is truly amazing what we are able to do, even with fear. Fear is one step closer to confidence though once it’s there its unbreakable and unyielding. It will never go away, it will never fail you.

It’s hard to say for everyone because I am no one. Just a child with big time dreams of being published.  I will never try to speak for everyone but for some it is with fear do they strive. It is with fear do the fearful survive. Just like the ones that prove themselves under pressure, they use the pressure as a stepping stone to be better. The same is true of fear. Some can stare at fear and laugh at it others need to close their eyes in order to understand it. However there are some who crumble with fear, they are the ones that fall fast. We stand together, watching some plummet while the rest of us are left standing facing the fear, thriving. There’s nothing wrong, we are all different. It’s what makes life wonderful. We are different so we react to situations differently. 

It’s astounding that some can withstand everything, even the fear while others just can’t. For some fear is a stone to step on to rise them up, as it is for me. Fear can be wonderful when looking at it from a different angle.

Fear can be beautiful if you let it be.

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Reality Television.

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It wasn’t written in stone nor was it in the sand that lay on the beach on a warm summer day. No, it was a fact more known in the minds of scholars then written physically. It was clear as day but dark as night, that human nature never ceases to entertain the minds of psychologist around the globe. However this same human nature entertains not only them but everyone. The teens of the world thrive on it, and the adults revel in it to stay young. The world of reality television, a world so fake that it has to be real, a world where even though you feel like a horrible person for watching it, you keep tuning in every week at whatever time because it’s that compelling.

You may ask, why reality television and to that I answer why not. Within reality television we see that, time and time again, when people are forced into certain situations (given if there’s money on the line) they will resort to measures they may not have taken if they were the one’s sitting home gasping in front of the TV-screen. What has come to be known is that people always act the same way in reality television, they are cunning, dramatic, and resort to gossip as a strategy to win the game (and or money).   Being cunning may have it’s assets but it has its downfalls. The more you win and strategies, the more the other competitors hate you. Drama, this is the key, the key to you as viewers, the key to keep you watching and involved. It’s all about the drama, baby. What other reason would they keep tuning in? It’s because, other than sex, drama sells. Gossip is the other reason why teens and adults are flipping to that one channel every (insert correct day of show here) night. It isn’t about why one gossips about the other, it’s more of the how and the how-can-I-use-this-to-my-advantage-in-the-near-future of it. It’s entertaining and mostly because it makes them seem more normal in gossiping because reality shows, and other shows too, are publicizing it as if it weren’t a sin to do so-like sex.

However even when trying to reason this in our minds do we find ourselves staring at the television engrossed within this “reality”. A reality so much sweeter because it is actually happening and you are witnessing it firsthand. When watching you get a big-brother feel, power of knowing everything about these innocent people. You have the advantage, you know what they don’t. The whole basis of reality television is the appeal, the playing with your emotions to get you draw you in like defenseless prey against a predator. And does it work? When it comes down to it, you know they’ve got you. You can’t resist, it’s that guilty pleasure that you just can’t seem to forget about. Should you be blamed? There’s truly nothing you can do, commercials draw you in and it’s your interest that sets the trap. Reality or not, reality television is captivating. Oh well, might as well draw the curtains, grab some popcorn and cuddle up with our guilty pleasure of reality television.

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The Death of Love.

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Alright, here’s my first poem I’m publishing on here. I wrote it a while ago, it was inspired by Romeo and Juliet. A book I’m in love with! I hope you enjoy it.

Death Of Love

Through pain of love,

The divided hearts lie

For breath of life, the souls detach

With death, the hearts reunite.


From shadows lies the forbidden want

The uncontrollable desire, that ceases all

For two lovers with pitied lives.


In call of faith, destiny collides

With forsaken luck that the two are forbidden to binned.


Through evil and good,

Two souls remain detached

By outside forces, that should be unlatched


The lovers unite, with only that,

The love they posses and the shattered lives.

For which they died.

For which they died.


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Hello Writers!

November 5, 2009 at 12:38 AM (Uncategorized)

Welcome, welcome! I’m happy that you stopped by. This is my first blog so I would like to explain what I will be bloging about.

Ciao, I’m Crystal and I am a writer. I hope to be published soon becasue I recently wrote a book and currently am looking for an agent to represent me and my beautiful book.

I started this blog to not only get my writings out into the world but also others. I have learned recently that many people get their ideas shot down by publishing agencys and just the world itself. So I decided that I’m not only going to publish my short stories, poems, etc. on here but also I will allow you, that right YOU to send me any of your writings and I will put them on my blog. There are some regulations (sorry!) it has to be appropriate for me to put up here. I’m not going to be too strict but I need to just put that out there.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and there will be many more soon!!

Happy Writings! :)

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